Flat Cats for inward opening windows and doors

Inward opening windows and doors
One of the most common questions we are asked is whether Flat Cats are suitable for inward opening windows and doors. The short answer is “it depends”… lets look at in detail and you should be able to decide if your window or door is suitable.

Attaching the screen to the outside:
Generally, this is not advisable unless there is no other alternative or unless you are on the ground floor but even then inside is preferable. The short answer here is not to attach to the outside. If you feel it may be possible then please contact Dominic first so we can discuss on 01526 341186..

Inward opening windows:
Let’s assume for this example that, when you open the window, the hinges are on the left as you look at the window from the inside.

With this example you will want to firstly make sure that you have got a minimum of 2cm of clear flat frame on the bottom edge, the top edge and the right hand side (these are the flat static frames around the opening). Once you have done this we can look at the potentially problematic side which is where the hinges are mounted, in this case, on the left.

With the window open, step into the “reveal” as if you were going to stand in the open window. Looking to your left we want to see how much frame is available on the flat static frames in the area where the hinges are. Please see image 1 to the left to show the area we ae referring to.

You can see the flat area on the frame by the hinge. It is obviously not as wide as the rest of the frame but the hinge will represent the furthest distance that the screen can go on this size so it is this width that you need to measure.

Ideally we are looking for 2cm here where the arrow is pointing. If you have less than 2cm but at least 1.5cm then we may be able to help so please call Dominic on 01526 341186 to chat it through.

When you measure your inward opening window it is important to measure from the hinge (again arrowed in the picture above) and then go all the way across to include all of the static flat frame on the other side of the window.

Inward opening doors:
Where you have a Juliet balcony you will have an inward opening door (or maybe doors). Also, many patio doors open inwards. In the same way as we discussed with windows above the key point is to see how much space is available on the static flat frame where the hinges are located.
You can see an example of an inward opening door in the image to the left here.

In this example there is frame available on the bottom, the top and the right but obviously there are hinges on the left-hand side. In this example there was enough frame by the hinges to support the fixings and so a screen was fine.

The red arrows on the photo show where the width and height dimensions should be measured… i.e. from up against the hinge on the left right over to include the full frame on the right (because there is a double frame on the right in this example the customer has measured to half way across).
Again, please refer to the image on this sheet for inward opening windows to make sure that you have got at least 2cm of flat frame by the hinges.

Double inward opening doors:
Where you have double inward opening doors, clearly you will have hinges on both the left and right hand sides. In these instances, it is vital that you have a MINIMUM of 2cm of frame available by the hinges (see first image on these notes again to see where this 2cm should be). You will also need to check that the total width that you require is NO MORE than 168cm as this is our maximum width (based on the roll size we use).


If you need to exceed 168cm for the width of your screen, we can do this by creating what we call a “joint”. This is where we make two screens and have them join in the middle with a strip of hook and loop fixings. We always like to chat these through first so please do call Dominic on 01526 341186 if you have a required width of MORE THAN 168cm. An example of a “jointed screen” is shown to the left. Please do note that there is not an option to order a jointed screen on the website so please do call Dominic to discuss.

While inward opening windows and doors are normal on the continent they are still rare in the UK. However, more and more properties are being built using these windows and as such we are trying to accommodate as many as possible for Flat Cats.

If you have any questions regarding inward opening windows or doors please do not hesitate to call Dominic on 01526 341186 or email info@flatcats.co.uk with your particular question.

I hope this sheet has been useful for you. You can download the information on this page - Please Download Here

Best wishes : Dominic Parker : Flat Cats


If you have any questions regarding your purchase / order please do not hesitate to contact Dominic on 01526 341186.

Customer comments

Dear Flat Cats - Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my order which arrived very super quick. I can now open the window without the fear of my cat attempting to escape and venture out onto the window sill. I had the best night sleep in months with a nice cool breeze flowing through the bedroom which also stopped any insects flying in too. Something so simply yet effective is definitely a hero in my household.I've attached a picture for you. Thank you so much. Jaina and Bella the Cat! 
JJ. Romford, Essex

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to thank you for the flat cats - both the product and the service. The vet told me to keep my cat indoors for health reasons so I've had a lot of worry trying to stop him from jumping out of the window and getting badly injured again (he is a rescue cat who was hit by a car) As my cat is very inquisitive and fearless, my only option was to never open windows. I was impressed with the friendly customer service and the great deal that I was given on my 3 custom flat cats. My cat has only tried to climb them once and I was pleased to see that they were very sturdy. Ive sent a photo of my cat in his new favourite place, sitting on top of the toilet looking out of the open bathroom window!I'll be moving house soon and definitely ordering some more from you.
SR - Manchester